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What’s the Buzz?

At Rapid Bay Primary School, we are proud to implement the “What’s the Buzz?” program as part of our commitment to fostering social and emotional intelligence in our students. This program is a response to the positive psychology and positive education movements, aiming to teach young people essential prosocial skills and enhance their emotional and social well-being.

Through the “What’s the Buzz?” program, our educators are guided to teach our students various important skills. These include developing an optimistic and understanding attitude towards human differences, improving social connections through effective greetings, exits, social feedback, and social referencing. Students also learn how to initiate and maintain relationships and friendships, recognise, and manage their own emotions, develop empathetic “mind-reading” abilities, and constructively respond to negative behaviours like put-downs, bullying, cyberbullying, and trolling.

By teaching these skills, we help our students become more emotionally regulated, navigate social situations positively and resiliently, and develop a deeper appreciation for self-awareness and self-identity. This continuous focus on social and emotional literacy is crucial in building strong relationships among our students and benefiting their overall well-being.

Research has shown that when young people struggle with social attachment or feel isolated, they are more susceptible to behavioural challenges, mental health difficulties, and have an increased likelihood of engaging in antisocial behaviours in the future. By prioritising social and emotional literacy education, we aim to create a supportive environment where our students feel connected, understood, and valued.