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Governing Council

Our Governing Council plays a vital role in connecting the school community with the school itself. It is a representative body that meets twice a term on Thursday evenings, usually in Week 3 and 8. Currently, there are three sub-committees – Finance, Grounds, and Fundraising.

The Governing Council is responsible for endorsing and reviewing the School Improvement Plan, monitoring the School Budget, and engaging with relevant policy areas. Elections for the Governing Council are held annually, providing an opportunity for parents to actively participate in shaping the school’s direction.

By bridging the gap between the school community and the school, the Governing Council plays a significant role in setting, monitoring, and reviewing the school’s direction, finances, and actions. We strongly encourage parents to get involved with this group.

The sub-committees, including Finance and Fundraising, are responsible for formulating policies and procedures that contribute to the overall functioning of the school.

Membership on the Governing Council is open to all families, and elections take place during the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Following the AGM, representatives for the sub-committees will be appointed.

Governing councillors receive minutes of each meeting. Parents have the opportunity to contribute agenda items by contacting the Chairperson.

We value the active participation and input of our school community through the Governing Council. It serves as an important platform for collaboration and decision-making, ensuring that the collective voice of parents and caregivers is heard and respected.