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At Rapid Bay Primary School, we are dedicated to fostering self-directed, lifelong learners. We believe in providing our students with access to high-quality teaching and learning experiences, while also encouraging them to take ownership of their educational journeys. Our school offers a comprehensive curriculum that encompasses all areas as outlined by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA).

The curriculum at Rapid Bay Primary covers the following learning areas:

  • English: Our students develop strong literacy skills, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening. We focus on fostering effective communication and critical thinking abilities.
  • Mathematics: Students engage in mathematical concepts, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. We aim to develop their numeracy skills and mathematical understanding.
  • Science: Students explore scientific concepts, conduct experiments, and develop inquiry skills. We foster a sense of curiosity and a scientific mindset.
  • Health and Physical Education (HPE): We promote physical fitness, well-being, and healthy lifestyle choices. Our students participate in a range of physical activities and develop personal and social skills.
  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS): Students learn about history, geography, economics, and civics. They develop an understanding of the world and their place in it, fostering global awareness and citizenship.
  • The Arts: Our students engage in artistic expression through visual arts, music, drama, and dance. We encourage creativity, imagination, and self-expression.
  • Technologies: Students explore digital technologies and design processes. They develop skills in problem-solving, coding, and using various digital tools.
  • Languages: We provide opportunities for students to learn and appreciate different languages and cultures. We value diversity and encourage cultural understanding.

In addition to the specific learning areas, the Australian Curriculum also incorporates general capabilities and cross-curriculum priorities. General capabilities refer to skills and attributes that students develop across all learning areas, such as critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and personal and social competence.

The cross-curriculum priorities encompass areas of study that are integrated across various subjects, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures, Asia and Australia’s engagement with Asia, and sustainability.

For more detailed information about the Australian Curriculum, I encourage you to visit the official website at It provides comprehensive resources and guidelines to support educators, students, and parents in understanding and implementing the curriculum effectively.

At Rapid Bay Primary School, we value the individual learner and work collaboratively with students to structure their learning journeys based on their individual goals and needs. By providing access to a broad and balanced curriculum, we aim to empower our students to become well-rounded, adaptable, and lifelong learners.