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School Bus

For families residing five kilometres or more (measured by the shortest route) from the school, our school bus service is available. You can obtain detailed information about the bus routes from the school administration. It is important to note that behaviour on the school bus is a shared responsibility between the bus driver and the school principal.

We expect students to adhere to appropriate behaviour standards while using the school bus. However, in cases of repeated misbehaviour (three or more incidents), a consultation between the parent and the principal may result in a suspension from bus travel.

Please refer to the provided timetable for the bus schedule. If you need your child to board or disembark at a different stop than usual, prior arrangements must be made with both the bus driver and the principal. We prioritise the safety and security of our students, so it is essential to communicate any changes or special requests.

In some cases, a travel allowance may be available to parents who live five kilometres or more from the nearest school or school bus route. If you would like to discuss your eligibility for this allowance, please contact the school. We are here to assist and provide guidance on transportation options for our students and families.

Draft Bus Timetable