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Our whole school camp always promises to be an unforgettable experience for our students, filled with adventure, personal growth, and lasting memories. We are fortunate enough to receive a wonderful financial donation and support from RATCH Australia which subsidises camp fees for each student.

At Rapid Bay Primary School, we strongly believe in the immense benefits of school camps. They provide students with a unique opportunity to step outside of their comfort zones, explore new environments, and engage in a variety of activities that foster personal and social development.

During the camp, students have the chance to participate in a range of exciting experiences that promote important skills such as risk-taking and teamwork. These activities encourage students to challenge themselves, build resilience, and develop a greater sense of self-confidence.

The camps offer a valuable chance for students to connect with their peers, develop lasting friendships, and strengthen their sense of belonging within our school community.

We are currently finalising the details for our camp next year, and further information will be sent home to parents and caregivers via Skool Loop. This will include important details such as the dates, location, cost, and any required permissions or forms.

We look forward to providing our students with an enriching and enjoyable camp experience, and we appreciate the support of parents and caregivers in making this event possible.