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At Rapid Bay Primary School, we are proud to provide our students with a wide variety of books in our library. Our library is a valuable resource that plays a crucial role in promoting literacy and fostering a love for reading among our students. Here is some important information about our library:

Book Selection: Our library offers a vast range of books to cater to the diverse interests and reading levels of our students. From picture books to chapter books, fiction to non-fiction, we aim to provide a collection that appeals to every reader.

Library Borrowing: Students are encouraged to borrow books from the library to enhance their reading experience. Each student will have the opportunity to borrow books on a regular basis. They can choose books that align with their interests and reading abilities.

Library Bags: To ensure the safe transportation of library books, we encourage all students to have a library bag. These bags should measure approximately 40cm x 40cm.

Responsibility for Borrowed Books: Students are responsible for the books they borrow from the library. It is important that they take good care of the books and return them on time. If a student damages or loses a library book, the parent will be responsible for the replacement costs.

We encourage parents to foster a love for reading at home and to engage in discussions about the books their child is borrowing from the library. Reading together and discussing books can further enhance the reading experience and create a strong foundation for literacy skills and develop a lifelong love for reading.