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Composite Classes

Composite classes are a unique feature of Rapid Bay Primary School. As a smaller school, it is not feasible to have separate classes for each year level. Therefore, we have adopted composite classes where students from different year levels are grouped together.

The decision to have composite classes is not solely based on practicality; it is also rooted in our educational philosophy. We embrace the concept of “teaching by stages, not ages.” We recognise that students develop at different rates and have diverse learning needs. Our experienced teachers are well-versed in understanding the individual progress of each student.

In a composite class, teachers have a deep understanding of where each student is in their learning journey. They tailor their teaching approaches and materials to meet the specific needs of each student, providing targeted support and extension opportunities. This approach allows for differentiation and personalised instruction, ensuring that every student receives an education that is suited to their abilities and challenges.

Composite classes also provide an opportunity for students to learn from and with their peers across different year levels. They can benefit from collaborative learning experiences, where older students can serve as mentors and role models for younger ones. This fosters a sense of community, cooperation, and empathy among students.

At Rapid Bay Primary School, we value the individuality and progress of each student. Our composite classes reflect our commitment to meeting the diverse learning needs of our students and providing a supportive and inclusive educational experience.