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Excursions are a valuable component of our students’ education at Rapid Bay Primary School. They serve as an opportunity to complement classroom learning, introducing, and reinforcing topics in a practical and engaging manner. To ensure a well-organised and safe excursion experience, we have established a clear excursion policy.

Parents will receive advance notice regarding proposed excursions, including information about the associated cost and the anticipated educational benefits. Our priority is to provide appropriate supervision for students throughout the excursion, and whenever feasible, we will arrange transportation by bus. In cases where parent transport is necessary, we will reach out to our school community for volunteers.

For major excursions involving travel and/or significant costs, students will be provided with a consent form that parents must sign. This form ensures that parents are fully aware of the details of the excursion and have given permission for their child to participate. In the case of minor walking excursions within the local town area, we will distribute an annual consent form at the beginning of each school year, covering multiple smaller excursions.

We value the educational and enriching experiences that excursions provide for our students. By obtaining parental consent and adhering to our excursion policy, we aim to create enjoyable and meaningful learning opportunities beyond the confines of the classroom.