Christian Pastoral Care Worker


A few facts about Christian Pastoral Care Workers in SA schools
           In a government school, the Christian Pastoral Support Program is primarily a service of pastoral care for students and their
           families, who want this support. Christian Pastoral support workers are not in the school to evangelize on behalf of a particular
           faith group. Their role requires them to respect both the secular character of the Government school and the variety of thoughts
          and beliefs within the school community. As a Christian presence in the school, the School Christian Pastoral Support Worker
          represents and encourages key Christian values, and celebrates the diversity of Christianity. The school Christian Pastoral
          Support worker is jointly accountable to the Department of Education and Children’s Services through the School Principal
          and the inter-church Council.
The Schools Ministry Group was set up by the
Heads of Churches to oversee and support
Christian Ministry in Government Schools.
The Group consists of representatives from all the major Christian Churches and several
youth and children’s mission organisations.
SMG is responsible for developing policy,
providing pastoral and resource support to
many Christian Pastoral Support Workers,
liaising with schools and churches about
the Christian Pastoral Support Program and organising ‘in service’ training for Christian
Pastoral Support Workers in South Australia.
Who employs our
 Christian Pastoral Support Worker?
 The inter-church council through the support of the following Christian Churches.
*Anglican Church Delamere
*Anglican Church Yankalilla
 *Assemblies of God Normanville
         *Catholic Church Normanville
         *Lutheran Church Yankalilla
       *Uniting Church Myponga
     *Uniting Church Yankalilla
Deb will be at school mostly on:
The CPS worker connect with Students
and the community informally by:
       *Being visible in the schoolyard.
 *Lunchtime activities
*Working alongside teachers and 
students in the classroom, library and physical education activities
 *Accompanying classes on some excursions and camps *Being at school whenever possible for special events such Sports Day, assemblies, performances, and swimming.
Rapid Bay Primary School is fortunate to have the services of a Christian Pastoral Support Worker with special skills for working with young people and their families in the school community.